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Start planning your Tour on Demand with GaliciaMotoTour. The Tour on Demand is perfectly suited if you desire a more personalised tour. Maybe you want to visit specific city’s or regions on your tour. Our Tour on Demand is also a good solution for a Riding Groups or a private tour for clubs. 

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Tour on demand, how does it work?

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Start of the tour

Where do you want to start the tour?

santiago de Compostela


Choose the type of accomodations you want to stay in during the tour.

Parador incl. breakfast
4* or 5* hotels
Rural houses
(3*or 4*)

You can select one of our existing tours to customize or select the fully customized tour option.

Your tour wishes

Tell us the places, regions and highlights u want to visit during the tour. We will try to combine all your wishes in one tour and will add our own recomondations to make the tour complete.

Rent motorcycle(s)

You can choose to ride your own motorcycles or rent one of Galiciamototours. We have the following types of motorcycles available for the tour on demand: Touring, ADV Touring, Sport Touring, Cruisers and Scooters. Select below how many you want to rent per type.

Yes rent motorcycles or scooters
No we dont want to rent any motorcycles or scooters

Touring motorcycles

ADV Touring motorcycles

Sport Touring Motorcycles



Motor gear

Do you need a motorsuit, helmet etc? Please describe below what you want to rent.

Vigo Airport

If you choose to fly to Vigo and start the tour in Vigo, we offer free transfer from Vigo Airport.

Select if you want to be picked up from Vigo airport. The exact pickup date and time will be confirmed after the booking comfirmation.

Do you want to be picked up from Vigo Airport?

No transfer needed
Yes free tansfer from Vigo Airport

Enter your details below and the details of your possible fellow traveler.

Main applicant

What happends after my application?

After receiving your tour on demand wishes we will make the best customized tour as possible. We will try to include all your wishes and when needed add some of our own. We will calculate the totall costs and communicate this to you.

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We will process your application as soon as possible.

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